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mosquito control

With the higher than normal rainfall throughout the state this season, the Maryland Department of Agriculture has begun spraying for adult mosquitoes in selected sections of the Town. The neighborhoods of Howard Park, Homestead Village, Country Village, and White Oak has been surveyed and significant adult populations have been detected. The neighborhoods will be sprayed each Tuesday or Thursday (depending on location) until mid-September between the hours of dusk and 11:00 PM. A full explanation of the MDA Mosquito Control Program including a description of the insecticides that they use for both larval and adult control can be accessed on their website at:

 Residents wishing to exclude their property from spraying must fill out and sign an exclusion form and mail it to the Maryland Department of Agriculture's. Exclusion forms may be downloaded at the Maryland Department of Agriculture's website. Additional information on the program is also available by calling the Central Maryland Mosquito Control Office at 1-877-425-6485.