Community Policing


The BAPD is committed to the Community Oriented Policing (COP) philosophy. This philosophy employs strengths of traditional law enforcement, with an emphasis on community partnerships to aid in problem identification, analysis, and reduction.


A citizens advisory board (CAB) has been operating in partnership with the police department since August of 2017. The Board has quickly become a vital component of the police department. The Board, consisting of three (3) Town citizens that are residents and two (2) members that are business owners, are heavily relied upon by the Town of Bel Air to be the voice of the community on issues related to public safety. Currently the CAB is assisting the police department with planning and design of the new police department.  

The CAB meets quarterly at the Bel Air Police Department.


The Community Policing Division engages the community throughout the year, assisting in programs in various locations. In 2018, members were involved in:

Cal Ripken Sr. Badges for Baseball Program, Harford Family House Home Runs for the Homeless, Aberdeen Police Department Community Safety Day, Bel Air Police Department Open House, Lions Club Events and many more.